Hi im batts; For approximately 20 years or so I spent most of my time working as a software engineer and an academic researcher. During this time I specialised in topics such as: games design, virtual and augmented reality, natural user interfaces, assistive technology, IOT and robotics.

I am now semi-retired and taking life a little easier. With that in mind everything I do is just for fun. If you would like to get in touch with me please do so via one of my social media incarnations. You can find the links at the base of each page.

  • I have a beautiful and amazing wife, kids, grand kids.
  • I once had a little parrot; I miss him dearly.
  • I oce believed I would find it harder to give up drinking coffee than smoking. I was right!
  • I really love coffee, I mean really, really, really love coffee.
  • I really miss smoking, I mean really, really, really miss smoking (6y+).
  • I really miss drinking, I mean really, really, really miss drinking (4y+).
  • Every-time I “used” to learn a new game development tool-set I’d recreate the basement level from Goldeneye.
  • A sentence is not a sentence unless it has at least 30+ words in it.
  • I hate wall-papering!